City Council updated and approved the City’s Solid Waste Policy (Roadside Pickup)



The City of High Shoals provides a solid waste service the second Monday of each month. PLEASE DO NOT SIT THE ITEMS LISTED BELOW ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD BEFORE THE SCHEDULED TIME OF PICK UP. See note below (**) regarding trash on the side of the road over 10 days. Residents receiving solid waste service should place items according to the type and specifications listed below:


  • No household garbage will be collected.
  • No glass will be collected.
  • All items should be placed neatly by the curb directly in front of their residence.
  • No items should be placed on a sidewalk.
  • All items should be separated into neat stacks. All similar items should be stacked together. For example: all metal together, all wood together.
  • No items should have sharp edges, exposed nails, or in any manner, pose a risk to the health and safety of city employees.
  • Items too large, heavy, or unsafe for one employee to manage will be picked up, unless authorized by City Hall in advance.
  • No materials that are part of a contractor’s work, construction work, or remodeling work will be collected.
  • No tires will be picked up.
  • All leaves must be in clear bags and sealed.
  • All tree limbs must be cut between two (2) feet and six (6) feet in length and stacked in neat piles.
  • No electronics will be picked up.
  • Large appliances and furniture will be picked up, but will require a call to City Hall to provide notice to coordinate use of the City’s tractor.
  • Refrigerators MUST have doors removed prior to pick up.


Resident’s with a dump truck load, should go online at, click on Forms & Permits and fill out a Dump Truck Rental Request Form or come to City Hall to request and pay for the rental. There is a $75 rental charge, plus fees accrued at the dumping site. Residents may request the city truck during office hours and an employee will stay with the vehicle to monitor the load. The Dump Truck will NOT be left unattended without supervision from a City employee.


**Please note: If items are not in compliance with this policy, the City will NOT pick up items; however, if items sit on the side of the road for more than 10days, the city will pick up items and charge the citizen a $50.00 fee.***


***Roadside fees are based on weight of load and added to the resident’s bill***